Rad 140 Dosage, Review, Results, Pros and Cons

Rad 140

Rad 140

Sold under the market name Rad 140 is an investigational SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). The most common use of this drug is its use as a substitute for Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

It has a scientific name that is Testolone but mostly the Rad 140 dose is more popular or happens to be in circulation. The ultimate description of this drug is that it provides you with lean muscles. Not only this, but it also cuts excessive body fat.

FDA approval

It is not among the list of “good to go drugs” by the FDA just yet, but extensive research is happening to speed things up. There is a different recommended Rad 140 dosage for people of different ages.

However, more details will be available within this article shortly. It is basically a steroidal supplement, and an accredited testing body does not yet approve its significance.

More about Rad 140

Steroids affect the hormonal balance, and thus the risk of a heart attack becomes more pertinent. Detailed anatomy is as follows:

Rad 140 results

Talking about the Rad 140 results, it has only been tested on animals so far. Its human testing is still pending. Current studies showed that it does increase lean muscles as tested on the lab animals.

End comments

Despite positive results, these were not significant enough. Other extensive researches validated Testolone to be more effective than other derivatives. The average Rad 140 dosage that scientists used was 5 mg.


Rad 140 review

Considering the user testimonials and Rad 140 reviews, there is a lot to discuss. First of all, there are only a handful of people that might have tried this drug.

Of those who did try it, only 70% showed significant results. There are some side effects too, but those will come later;

review Rad 140


In using the product, people did not come across any severe complaints. It is a steroidal supplement for sure but does not affect the androgenic tissues. Its only task is to cut fat and provide with lean muscles.

Rad 140 Reddit

One of the most influential sites, Reddit shares its own reviews about Rad 140. Rad 140 Reddit is available as a communication thread that contains great information on it.

Many users testing this product post reviews about it there. In some posts, the performance, vitality and even possible side effects also get mentioned.

Use Reddit to stay informed.

If you want some human insight, then Reddit is the platform to visit. Furthermore, the thread gets regularly updated. This way, you will be able to find any news regarding its legalization or approval from the FDA.

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Rad 140 SARM

Rad 140 SARM status is a little different than the other steroidal SARMs available. As mentioned earlier, consistent consumption can lead to heart attacks.

But in the case of Testolone, this isn’t the case because it is a non-steroidal SARM. It means that it only works on the production of lean muscles and cutting of fat.

Is it the best SARM available?

It has no significance over the heart or its valves whatsoever. Testosterone is the strongest of all the SARMs available, and results are impressive. That is why a lot of people in the bodybuilding community are already using it.

You can retrieve SARMs in both powder and capsule form. To be sure about the authenticity, you can request detailed lab tests as well.

Benefits of rad 140 dosage

There are some amazingly proven benefits provided by the Rad 140. Some of them are as follows:

  • It helps to increase lean mass muscle strength and volume. With consistent use, you will see some incredible results and would feel energetic too.
  • It also known for its fat trimming capability. You get lean muscles and lose fat at the same time.
  • Your physical endurance increases and you recover instantly even after a hard workout.
  • An increase in overall focus and mental activity are also some of the promising benefits of Testolone.
  • It might be the only SARM that can work with various others to boost productivity and stamina. It doesn’t pose any restrictions when you mix it with other bodybuilding supplements.
  • Rad 140 keeps you thrilled about the task at hand. It doesn’t allow your focus to shift or divided whatsoever.

Side effects of rad 140 dosage

As it is already told that the FDA does not yet approve rad 140 so it might have some side effects, to begin with. It means that despite you get some amazing benefits, you will not be able to mask the presence of side effects.

Following are some of the most irritating side effects bound with the use of Testolone:

  • Consuming Testolone increases testosterone activity within the body. But if you start to use it consistently, your body will stop producing it or minimize its production. Why? Because it now relies on an external use for testosterone production. The natural production will either halt completely or slow down significantly. This is the first stage of a hormonal balance. And these are bound to happen if you are consuming steroidal supplements such as Testolone.
  • Muscle production is at an exploding rate with Rad 140. Tendons are responsible for joining muscles to the bones. At such fast muscle production, the tendons and joints might not be able to catch up with.
  • The levels of energy that you get after concussing Testolone. As energy levels become out of limit, the body is bound to vent somehow. Thus the restlessness and fatigue.
  • Headaches and nausea are what first-timers usually face. It will go away shortly. But if for some reasons it doesn’t then lower the Rad 140 dosage.
  • Don’t over consume this drug. But if you do, then beware that it can cause some serious skin deterioration. The possible chances are acne and other skin complications.


These are some of the benefits and side effects of using Rad 140. It is not yet approved; it means that you will have to use it at your own risk. If you want to lower the side effects, it should be given to the consumer in tiny amounts. It will be good for longer periods of use but also your health.


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