HUAWEI MateBook 13 Review:

HUAWEI MateBook 13 Review

Light. Thin. Made from metal. It performs well any work job, strong enough, but not gambling. You will find a legion of these notebooks. However, the HUAWEI MateBook 13 is different from many premium ultrabooks: within the processor and images in AMD. Does this create the notebook any better? Or will they never market a business class ticket using a”reddish” filling?

HUAWEI MateBook 13 Review

The Chinese manufacturer has many laptop models. However, you may get confused with the building of merchandise lines: the titles are too similar, occasionally it’s not apparent from the indices whether it’s a brand new modification or an older one. But all HUAWEI solutions and minus fit into a single concept – a tidy, comparatively lightweight, and well-assembled notebook that always with the proprietor.

Together with the yield of AMD into the notebook hardware market, it’s become more interesting to see the endless field of hardware clones. Versions with Ryzen brighten up the dull flow of devices of the identical firm. Competition is just a plus to the user: the costs for parts return, and much more interesting configurations seem. After all, the”reds” willingly set with great CPUs an effective built-in GPU, prepared to compete with noninvasive NVIDIA solutions.

The chip quickly performs an intricate endeavour, subsequently reduces the frequencies to the minimum while the heating system blows off the accumulated warmth.

HUAWEI MateBook 13 has been in the marketplace for quite a while, but most probably you will come across apparatus along with other hardware – for instance, the i5 from a couple of decades back. Consequently, if it appears to you that you’ve seen such a notebook, everything is nice. After all, the seller didn’t alter the time consuming strict design and excellent peripherals.


The display is excellent. There’s a great deal of text, two A4 files are handily positioned side by side, and it won’t be observable on half of the webpage. Because of this, the image appears clear and contrasting, as well as the eyes don’t get tired.


The computer keyboard is comfortable—keys in recognizable areas, no foolish mixes or offsets. The power button has transferred from the primary unit and united with a fingerprint detector. Yes, the arrows have created distinct in height to the interest of the plan. A gorgeous picture online plus a neat window perspective is more significant.

The massive touchpad, which readily comprehends multi-touch gestures, isn’t much different from the signature panels of opponents. It works. Obviously, the cursor moves exactly.

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Sound Performance

The sound system of this MateBook 13 is ordinary. Music – with no wheezing and bothersome sonority, but without a soul: you can not hear low frequencies (and where would they come out of a thin situation?). Pleased with an adequate quantity book, thanks to that it is simple to see a picture from one and a half yards. Normally, such streamlined versions are distinguished from either silent sound or wear-resistant acoustics, but they have achieved a fantastic balance.

Laptop Performance

Ryzen 5 3500U is a chip for”universal machines” that easily deals with regular and enables the owner in cases when it’s essential to leap over his mind. You understand these normal cases: rescuing the world using a calculator, even a few rusty paper clips, along with a classic gum. In artificial benchmarks, the version fights with varying levels of success using the i5 and its own AMD neighbours. The effect often depends much more on the ambient temperatures and the notebook’s cooling system compared to the CPU itself.

The four cores paired with adequate images – an eight-block Vega using 512 shader processors. Why does a lean ultrabook need as much power? Highly parallel GPUs now can’t just accelerate images, but also accelerate AI calculating. Additionally, all severe filters and tasks at the same”Photoshop” work quicker using a successful video card. Perform after work?

The burning question, obviously, concerns freedom. The stereotype concerning the”gluttonous range from AMD” hasn’t gone away together with the transition into 7 nanometers. And here is your CPU and GPU about the prior Zen + Mobile structure, content together with the last standard of 12 nm for the chip and 14 nm for the graphics component.

Battery Time

At the”workplace typewriter,” manner (easy editing of files, viewing videos, social networks, and instant messengers) MateBook 13 continues a bit more than 5 hours in 75 per cent screen brightness. Video playback offline (in the driveway ) with hardware decoding of this flow lasts approximately 7 hours. This isn’t a listing figure, but rather adequate considering the price of this notebook and the functioning of the filling.

Huawei Matebook 13 Review

HUAWEI MateBook 13 Outcome

Lightweight, streamlined, self-contained, using an easy-to-use display, stronger than normal Intel models. It appears HUAWEI has managed to make a flexible notebook. The cost of this hardware is sufficient. You can barely find something cheaper with comparable features. You need to forfeit either the storage or the quantity of RAM or be satisfied with a simpler display. So the upgraded MateBook 13 could be given a decoration.

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