HONOR MagicBook 15 review: no-frills ultrabook.

HONOR MagicBook 15

Throughout the May demonstration, HONOR introduced the MagicBook 15 notebook to the Russian audience. The aluminium case, AMD Ryzen, privacy worries, and a fair cost – seems excellent, but is what so great in practice? What’s an AMD chip with integrated Vega images do? We realize the review of this novelty.

The plan of this laptop follows the overall management of their HONOR laptops. Compact body with laconic shapes made completely of aluminium. The new designers stay as impartial as you can. Because of this, the novelty, at first glimpse, differs little from the alternatives of the former creation and by its”neighbours” from the design range. The outside is business-minded. The version can’t boast of identity, however, on the flip side, making it universal: it’ll suit both a pupil and a photograph studio worker, and a director of a huge business.

Superior display

Regardless of the good display dimensions, the MagicBook is more streamlined than many 15-inch versions. The notebook weighs approximately 1.5 kg, and also the instance thickness doesn’t exceed 17 mm. In terms of the dimensions, they’re nearer to 14-inch alternatives. This can be accomplished as a result of the thin bezels across the screen. The dimensions of these indents have diminished not just on the sides, but and this is no surprise now, but also on top. This is because the webcam has been transferred to one of those buttons at the upper row of the keyboard. To pull on the webcam, click this button. Thus, two issues were solved at the same time.

Primarily, there’s absolutely no requirement to leave a broad bezel over the display today. Second, you do not need to fret about privacy: whenever the camera isn’t required, it’s securely hidden in the guts of this circumstance. A bonus – the display looks bigger than it really is.

Another design feature is that a fingerprint scanner built into the power button. For tripping, usually, one touch is adequate if turning to the device. Nonetheless, in some instances, you want to reinstall your finger into the fingerprint detector.

High-quality display without injury to eyes

The screen of this new MagicBook also boasts a fantastic IPS-matrix using a 15.6-inch diagonal. Consumer attributes will also be in order. The IPS panel offers excellent viewing angles – you may see the picture without problems despite big screen deflections. The inventory of brightness is sufficient to work on a notebook in bright daylight. In cases like this, the matte finish of this screen can be beneficial, which doesn’t glare so much better. The uniformity of the lighting can also be gratifying. Even if functioning in the dim, the panel doesn’t upset with mild. They didn’t forget about caring for the consumer’s health. The HONOR MagicBook 15 screen supports TÜV Rheinland Accredited Eye Protection Mode. It reduces damaging UV radiation also prevents eye tiredness.

Print for pleasure

The notebook obtained a non-island-type computer keyboard, which can be typical for thin versions – in this, it’s not any different from most comparable options. There’s not any digital cube. Considering that we’re still confronting a 15-inch apparatus, subconsciously expect to view it. On the flip side, it created the buttons big, with good spacing. The main travel is adequate by ultrabook criteria. In one of the openings, we notice the absence of backlighting, which is inconvenient if working in the dark.

The touchpad includes a moderate footprint and decent touch accuracy. That is sufficient for comfortable work in the document manager, office apps, or perhaps for easy image editing. There’s absolutely no backlash when tapping on, which the old version of MagicBook Pro occasionally suffers from.

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You can not do without adapters.

The novelty isn’t surprising with all the abundance of accessible physical interfaces. The slender body has a location to get a set of USB 3.0 at a standard form factor, 3.5 mm joint sound jack, full-size HDMI, and international USB Type-C. The latter may be utilized only during battery life because it is he who’s employed to connect the power port.

Magic-Link – one signature magical

The principal quality of the present creation of HONOR laptops is service for Magic-Link technology. Because of it, it’s not hard to join the notebook with a single touch using HONOR or HUAWEI tablets, then transfer images and files in the directions. Or trigger the air of the telephone monitor and control it in the notebook. For this, you have to touch the smartphone into the desired point about the ultrabook after (it’s marked with a distinctive sticker). And when we’re speaking about a picture, open it from the smartphone and deliver it into the MagicBook 15 – and the image will automatically open onto the notebook.

Another requirement for the telephone is that its firmware has to be at EMUI 9 or MagicUI two (in the event of HONOR). At the same time, owners of all versions working under EMUI 10 / Magic UI 3 will be given a complete assortment of capabilities.

Rich inner world

With the launch of energy-efficient Ryzen cellular platforms armed with integrated Radeon Vega movie processors, it became possible to leave using video accelerators. It comprises four basic + bodily cores processing 8 information flows. The most frequency within the frame of dynamic overclocking technology may attain 3.7 GHz, and also the amount of the third-degree cache within this version is 4 MB.

The built-in video accelerator Radeon Vega 8 obtained 512 computing chips with a core frequency of around 1200 MHz. Like many similar options, the built-in processor lacks its own memory. In cases like this, it plays into the hands of how the producer has set up two RAM strips, because of which they function in a two-channel style. The entire quantity of RAM is modest by contemporary standards – just 8 GB DDR4-2400. Because there’s absolutely no provision for future growth, this may affect performance in demanding applications.

The evaluation version of the notebook has a 256 GB SSD. There’s also an alternative using a 512 GB disc drive. The drive is capable of boasting adequate functionality – a wonderful feature, believing that we’re speaking about a mid-sized notebook.


Obviously, the capacities of this built-in video accelerator and 8 GB of RAM aren’t enough to comfortably run AAA matches or professional picture and movie editing. However, such devices not intended for these jobs. Additionally, cloud gambling providers are already available for people who need to have fun at the highest rate without paying large amounts for gaming gear. However, for typical everyday situations, functionality is adequate. HONOR MagicBook 15 will deal with most work apps – the most important issue is they don’t need over 8 GB of RAM. Concerning gambling, the combo of Ryzen quad-core and Radeon Vega 8 manages most popular media projects at mid-low configurations and complete HD resolution.

The battery has sufficient capacity never to consider the socket during the working day. But even if the battery has been discharged, this shouldn’t be an issue. 30 minutes in the socket with the provided adapter is sufficient to replenish 50 per cent of their fee.


The MagicBook 15 was a balanced alternative. The novelty includes the most well-known attributes in this course, though it wasn’t without a few compromises. These include a few connectors, non-expandable RAM without a keyboard backlighting. Nonetheless, these factors are the result of the form factor of this device and the urge to keep the purchase price within reasonable limitations. It gives decent functionality, a high-quality display, and great battery life, and of course a compact metallic body. The notebook is ideal for people who frequently must have a notebook to work, research, or would just like a universal solution in hand for a reasonable price.

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