ASUSPRO P2540 Review: Employee of the Month

ASUSPRO P2540 Review

To a typical consumer, company technology might appear odd and even odd. There’s nothing to be astonished at since in the event the unit is targeted at corporate customers. Its most important features are far in the tendencies of the mass marketplace. We’re convinced of the on our own expertise, having analyzed the new ASUSPRO P2540 notebook from the ASUSPRO line.


ASUS specialist and business models gathered at a PRO collection, including solutions of distinct capabilities. There’s a B-series – compact apparatus with great freedom, and there’s a P-series with prolonged support for classic ports and convenient support.

ASUSPRO P2540 Review

The evaluation version owned by the P-series, including inexpensive and dependable business laptops. However, the layout and selection of materials for your design, on the contrary, are as standard and functional as possible, making the notebook look conservative against the backdrop of alternatives to the house – which is just the impressive framework around the 15.6-inch screen.

The adjustment which came to the inspection has the recent Intel Core i7-10510U quad-core chip. As with other versions of their family, the Core i7-10510U doesn’t differ considerably in the alternatives of a few of prior generations. Its foundation frequency is 1.8 GHz; however, human cores are capable of gearing around 4.9 GHz. True, we recorded such values ​​- in – case that the processor just hastened up to 4.2 GHz.

The video accelerator of this P2540FA version didn’t capture. Consequently, the Intel UHD Graphics video processor incorporated into the chip, operating at frequencies from 300 to 1115 MHz, accounts for displaying pictures and processing images calculations. There was room for 8 GB of all DDR4-2666 RAM together with the chance of its growth.

Reputable and functional

The plan of the notebook is capable of inducing a fit of nostalgia for excursions to electronics five or ten decades back. By its look, the novelty illustrates that its creators don’t care about contemporary tendencies. Rather, there’s a functional black plastic with a matte texture, pragmatic lines and measurements which don’t make you cut the space for those straps bit by bit. Possibly a representative of this creative profession is going to discourage by this appearance. However, a corporate consumer will obtain the most suitable and dependable instrument.

Naturally, it wasn’t done without the fiscal side – handed the contracts to the distribution of hundreds or perhaps thousands of duplicates, even just a small drop in the entire price of the model is going to cause considerable savings. And this will definitely please the buying section. Moreover, the simplicity and reliability of this layout significantly lower the prices of subsequent upkeep. For this, the P2540 is in full order, since it complies with all the American army standard MIL-STD810G.

Incidentally, ZenBook, and ExpertBook B9 laptops defy the very same tests. The P2540 is just one of those few current models using a removable battery, so replacing it is going to be a breeze, especially when in comparison to lean ultrabooks. We didn’t neglect the handy service window at the base cover – it lets you easily get into the free memory slot and the 2.5-inch drive bay without needing to unscrew a dozen screws.

We join what you Want.

One of the principal requirements for a worldwide”workhorse” is your capability to utilize peripherals without constraints. And here notebook owners don’t have anything to complain about. Besides universal USB interfaces, which present in the sum of as many as four bits, on the endings, you can discover an HDMI jack, a card reader and a gigabit network interface. The VGA port that has disappeared from house machines can be located there.


Safety is not as intense in the corporate section. The built-in fingerprint reader paired using Windows Hello for quick, simple OS authentication. It’s required to safely store authentication data, like passwords and security keys. These can use by software to manage sensitive information and conduct trades. Incidentally, the embedded version of UEFI supplies for placing passwords of numerous levels (user/programmer) currently from the BIOS. And also to guarantee the physical security of the apparatus, it’s a normal slot for a Kensington lock.

Screen and audio

The screen for office equipment is clearly not the purpose. The calculation this is for office jobs – a small colour gamut is evident to the naked eye, so it’s sufficient to place any IPS-screen alongside it. The same can be said concerning the brightness margin, forcing indoors to set the backlight to 50-75 per cent. For normal operation, the display must be strictly vertical to the gaze. Otherwise, the image is immediately inverted and becomes unreadable even with little deviations, particularly in the vertical plane. However, the sound part turned out to be remarkably pleasant.

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Computer keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard grows the general tone of this layout: the low profile of these buttons, the island layout is just what you’d expect from such a notebook. The image spoiled only by the lack of backlighting and tough plastic, typical for cheap devices. The main travel is little. But in precisely the same time, the visual feedback is great – it’s pleasant to sort texts. Despite blind scanning, you can print instantly without misses or mistakes. The electronic block traditionally situated on the ideal side.

The touchpad, subsequently, doesn’t stand outside to get anything particular, but it succeeds with the job economically. It manages presses and taps nicely, exactly like regular Windows gestures.

Evaluation Effects

The qualities of the notebook give it a version which isn’t meant for gambling or material creation. This supported using a check-in Planet of Tanks Encore RT, in which the notebook, regardless of the small appetites of this standard, generated only 32 fps at a resolution of 1280×720 with ordinary graphics configurations. At precisely the same time, the gadget deals confidently with office work and other everyday activities.

For your entire working day

Everything is well worth remembering: maybe not the strongest filling supplies great liberty. Within our conventional test with a complete HD video loop, the blend of a 72 Wh battery along with a contemporary quad-core chip did not mean it is only 12 minutes to 17 hours a superb outcome! Remember that under the test requirements, the display brightness has set to 50 per cent, and also the system ports handicapped. Remember about the capacity to replace the battery without needing to disassemble the notebook swiftly.


The brand new ASUS P2540 is an obvious presentation of what a business-class notebook needs to be and how the demands of the corporate section can differ in the home requirements. On the other hand, the greater reliability, resistance to outside influences, concern for confidentiality, ease of maintenance and update will certainly find an answer not just among big businesses, but also one of the regular users.

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