ASUS ZenBook UX325J review: at the forefront of technology

ASUS ZenBook UX325J

Laptops of the family are intriguing, with effective filling, streamlined dimensions, and great autonomy. The novelty is directed not just at those who appreciate freedom, but also at office employees conducting resource-intensive applications. Assessing the notebook’s abilities in action.

The ASUS ZenBook UX325J weighs just 1.11 kg. It’s packed with an elegant metal case with curved milling on the lid, that can be traditional for the manufacturer. Due to this feeling, the Ultrabook is loath to collect fingerprints. The base cover of the brushed alloy is all but monolithic. ASUS engineers not made a decorative layout, but also looked after cooling by putting another block of venting holes on the finish. The proprietary ErgoLift mechanism results in this. Additionally, the reduced grille started for air consumption,

Big-screen display with a Fantastic image

The 13.3-inch Complete HD screen occupies 88 per cent of the best cover. The display frames on either side by thin bezels that grow slightly over its surface. This offers the matrix extra protection against harm. The brightness of this matte IPS panel is regular 300 nits, along the comparison level is adequate for working in sunlight. Incidentally, the manufacturer supplies even more intriguing screens using a maximum brightness of 450 nits and reduced electricity consumption as an alternative if you would like to get the absolute most from your Ultrabook. The default colour profile is set using a minimum change towards cold colours; the image is more balanced and pleasing to the eye with all richness of colours. There’s not any backlight PWM, which means you don’t need to think about your vision.

There’s an infrared webcam at the top frame over the monitor. It’s required not just for broadcasting the picture, but also for biometric identification of the proprietor of Windows Hello because there’s absolutely not any fingerprint scanner.

Comfortable keyboard

The notebook received a massive keyboard. This design made it feasible to match the major component, which is acceptable for touch scanning, and another set of buttons in the ideal row. The meeting is of top quality: the bending of the framework on the drive is minimal, the keys with a huge stroke and tactile-sound reaction. However, on the place fonts of size and suitable Input. Also, we notice the hardware modifier of interaction with all the FN-block: it is possible to change the principal values ​​of these keys in one single click. This alternative actually assists in the situations you need and does not interfere with the centre operation. The touchpad is enormous, tactilely fine, with no false positives and using different clicks.


On the other side of this ZenBook, 13 is a full-format HDMI 2.0. There’s not any individual socket for the power source – the kit contains a charger of the standard using a Type-C connection. The seller, in the spirit of these times, eliminated the fantastic old minijack but took good care of a port for sound apparatus to Type-C. At the same time, ASUS focuses mostly on wireless gadgets – a great Intel AX201 card has been installed in the notebook, which functions under the WiFi 6 protocol also supports Bluetooth 5.0. For connoisseurs of classic system technology, a Type-C into Ethernet adapter is supplied.

While purchasing a new solution, you need to definitely know how much peripherals you will need to get a notebook. In the end, there are just a couple of Type-C connectors. One of them is going to be occasionally busy with all the chargers. Consequently, if you would like to join the wired headset and jack at precisely the same time, then you can’t do without an extra USB hub.

Whatever you need for the ultrabook

It has a top-quality healing process. The sound level reduced even with no silent fan preset. But for fans of silent, the Whisper alternative supplied, which slows down coolers at the expense of a small fall in chip frequencies. Subjectively, the operation for baseline situations is adequate even in the market mode.

The unit outfit with 16 GB of all DDR4 memory, working at 3200 MHz in double channel mode. The quantity of RAM is more than sufficient for average ultrabook tasks. When you want more funds, the swap rate won’t fail: the NVMe terabyte Samsung PM981 shows outstanding performance. The SSD intentionally exceeded its specifications, revealing 3.5 GB / s for studying and 2.4 GB / s for composing. Assessing the operating system and leaving sleep mode will be nearly instantaneous.

In practice, what rests to a compact cooling system, because the GPU generally produces a small 600 MHz. In other words, you can play such a system, if, obviously, you don’t chase AAA novelties.

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Purchase with audio

The built-in Harman / Kardon accredited audio system produces a clear, profound sound. The notebook’s speakers put at a small angle into the surface, and also the dining table functions as a resonator. Headphones often do not feel like placing on: the notebook deals well with TV shows and songs of all various genres, from industrial. Obviously, the bass isn’t the deepest; however, the detail is wonderful. The quantity headroom is adequate for many events, except for celebrations.

Autonomy and electricity supply

The 67 Wh battery at the ZenBook 13 is not accessible on each Ultrabook. The battery freedom is appropriate: below active loading. The notebook lasted for 3 hours, and that is an ineffective manner, with busy Wi-Fi and maximum screen brightness. In the instance of a conventional everyday scenario (net surfing, YouTube, and related jobs ), the result can also be adequate. The tablet computer worked for 11 hours and 40 minutes using a preset for optimum performance and normal brightness. So it’s fairly feasible to devote a complete office without a memory. Really, if the consumer’s action is nominal, the notebook can easily manage nearly per day with no outlet.

Whenever there isn’t any socket accessible, a power bank with Electricity shipping service can help out. Smartphones may also be charged using all the Ultrabook adapter that is very convenient and lessens the number of devices on your backpack.

Asus is among the most intriguing hardware tuning utilities on the market nowadays. And of course updates, branded program shop, and smartphone integration. The latter attribute functions with any Android version and permits you to make calls via notebook speakers, socialize with programs and messages and utilize your cellular device as an extra display.

ASUS ZenBook UX325J Review

ASUS ZenBook UX325J Outcome

No more revelations: ASUS has released a balanced ultrabook, delighting with cool technologies, intriguing engineering alternatives, and a confirmed design. At precisely the same time, the novelty isn’t without its downsides. The cooling process is more made not for kneading in matches, but for much more utilitarian tasks. You will find concerns for your computer keyboard, along with the sound jack wouldn’t hurt. However, the benefits of ZenBook 13 are a lot more significant. The setup is more balanced, and the functionality is standard for its own class. The look is more concise, and the display is succulent and eye-catching.

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