ASUS VivoBook S15 S533F review: when “fashionable” is not a sentence

ASUS VivoBook S15 553F

ASUS laptops are slowly beating the market of multimedia unites effective at quickly solving the majority of the consumer’s activities. The ASUS VivoBook S15 S533F imagined as such a gadget. The novelty has a 10th generation Intel chip and a distinctive graphics card NVIDIA MX250, which provides hope for great performance and freedom.

The VivoBook series are basically cute and comparatively light laptops for casual users. Vibrant design, fine materials, and build iron is only right to operate with documents and have material, and also the weight permits you to take a notebook to study and work without straining your back.

ASUS VivoBook S15 S533F Review:


ASUS determined that ZenBook is too rigorous to the sister or mother so that they published a string of notebooks which are lighter and much more beautiful. The VivoBook S15 sold not merely in black and grey, but also in red, green and white. To enhance the impact, the Input button supplemented with a glowing edging so it could be observed from afar. If that isn’t sufficient for you, you will find decals from the kit with which you can glue over the lid. At least that is the way the producer sees it.

Iron which dots the I

There are not many choices with 16 gigabytes. Also, you do not have to drink your nettle-rutabaga smoothie and hang the decals, then run for couples. If you graduated in the institute quite a while past, but you do not understand about smoothies, this isn’t a reason to deny a gorgeous and suitable device. Since 8 GB is sufficient to get an elementary computer.

This alternative makes loading often used software quicker. Generally, the 2020 version differs in the ZenBook in a few tiny items – the split between the”house” and”specialist” segments produces a limitation on 8 GB of RAM.

Refinement in everything

The 15-inch display found at the VivoBook S533F appears big – it occupies 86 per cent of the lid region! However, the notebook itself, even if it doesn’t fit into a handbag, proven to be more tasteful than the”tags” of their previous decades. As a result of this modern LCD panels using thin bezels. And at the same time, the big diagonal enabled installing both a capacious battery, along with a great cooling system, along with a handy keyboard with a numeric keypad. The touchpad, in the style of recent decades, is big, using an integrated fingerprint detector.

The body is thin and metal (1.6 cm), and it’s also not normal for its versions of the sequence. Along with the charger, the system weighs approximately 2 kg—generally, a normal agent of ultrabooks, not far different from ZenBook. But there is 1 attribute – look. ZenBook constructed with a concentration on company design, with neutral colours and fitting materials. Along with the VivoBook resembles the option of the youthful and adventuresome: vibrant, aesthetically mild, with rich accents.

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Layout without sacrificing convenience

The ideas underlying the layout didn’t restrict the novelty. The amount of vents is reasonable. The power connector is recognizable – around, charging via Type-C isn’t offered.

The screen has become easily the most typical – IPS using a resolution of 1920 × 1080. Colour gamut under 100 per cent sRGB, fantastic brightness margin, adequate viewing angles… You will find configurations using a simpler display. However, you know, it is far better to dig and choose the very best choice straight away.

The speakers, as usual in ASUS, worked by Harman / Kardon, so the noise looks fine, without breaking when bass and yelling at high. The quantity doesn’t shine, the most quantity also. But for a little space and viewing a film on the sofa – sufficient. And it’s still true that you send audio to headphones or into a mobile speaker through Bluetooth.

Nicely, and most significantly: ASUS has understood it isn’t worth sacrificing comfort for the sake of design, so the version has the very best keyboard in this section. Button travelling is tender, 1.4 mm. The backlighting is white, uniform, equal in quality to flagship options.

Performance each ruble

From notebooks to the”typical user” infrequently need records in benchmarks, unless we’re speaking about a battery test, naturally. All people today want will be for the hardware to function smartly, to change jobs once or twice, and the browser doesn’t slow down with a hundred tabs. And in this respect, the VivoBook has sufficient functionality.

The brand new, tenth production owns the Intel Core i7-10510U chip. A small 15 W thermal bundle ends in a comparatively lower base frequency (1800 MHz). Still, TurboBoost technologies and 2 TDP extensions permit for a short term acceleration to nearly 5 GHz in one flow. A sensible option is that the Intel Core i5-10210U, which can be installed in such notebooks. The peak frequencies are somewhat reduced, and without 2 MB of cache memory in regular situations, you may barely notice, but the cost difference of $100 is definitely.

The quantity of RAM is just 8 GB. This is only one of the vital points that transforms an extremely productive notebook from a workstation to a basic multimedia chip.

A different NVIDIA MX250 card partly pays the situation. It’s not acceptable for severe gambling. But its functionality is several times greater compared to the built-in one, and it also includes two GB of its video memory. That’s, for calculations which rely upon the GPU, nobody will climb in the RAM.

This option works in the desktop; you don’t have to configure anything more frequently the machine accesses certain documents. The more likely they will wind up in Optane memory and will probably be immediately loaded another time, bypassing the slow control of an economical 512 GB SSD drive.

ASUS VivoBook S15 553F


The ASUS VivoBook S15 S533F notebook has certainly set a new bar in its own course. Today we’re provided with a metallic instance, an IPS matrix, a Core i7-level chip, wise storage, and even low-power different images with its own memory. This makes the apparatus universal, letting you work with videos and photos, surf the world wide web, watch films and also play at a simple level. The system owned by the middle price segment and operates the same – in the basic-average degree. It will deal with any undertaking. And also bright decals included, that can refuse this!

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