ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 review: thin, powerful, unique.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Review

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 regarded as the flagship among gambling notebooks available with the best hardware. Top-of-the-line gear, fantastic 4K screen ready for images and wonderful sound. Is the perfect foundation?

Versions of this Zephyrus series have positioned as gambling notebooks in comparatively compact instances using a laconic layout. With this kind of a notebook, it’s not a pity to look in the office and play games at home.

If it comes to gaming options, the overall look of this unit is frequently a secondary factor. But here you have to begin with the plan. Before us is a tasteful notebook in a small situation in dark colours. The major body of this human body is constructed from metal, the linking elements are made from plastic, but what’s constructed very soundly. The chassis doesn’t bend with each touch. The matte texture doesn’t collect fingerprints, the density of this lid hinges is more balanced, and it opens with a single hand – and there’s absolutely no backlash. You rarely see that. Thin bezels are skinny. At precisely the same time, the principal screen appears to be rather large, as to get a small apparatus.


Two displays in a notebook are no more news, ASUS revealed similar options in professional versions. Nonetheless, the idea is still contentious. Because in its present form it isn’t too clear why it’s required. Much more so in gambling notebooks.

Whilst communicating with Zephyr, you become accustomed to the fact which it is possible to display any program on the further display, by a browser on YouTube to files in perform tasks. For lovers of multitasking, this type of solution will certainly arrive in. Additionally, the bigger LCD panel is touch-sensitive, which considerably expands the range for fast and convenient interaction using all the material onto it.

The most important difference between this dual-screen design of the Zenbook DUO series in the gambling Zephyrus is the smart mechanism of increasing the mini-screen if you open the lid. It’s more agreeable and convenient to socialize with the screen turned in the direction of the consumer than using the built-in horizontal plane. And in matches, this option lets you display information regarding loads and temperatures, look at any given treasure map or browse hints. Additionally, it is helpful for streamers: it is possible to open a conversation with audiences here.

In summary, Windows isn’t yet fully ready for this. Touch input the next screen immediately intercepts attention from the most important one. Have you ever decided to correct the heating power? They tapped a finger over the window using the movie – it stopped. As a result of this, the cursor jumped out of a massive background to a little one? You can’t return it with a single touch.

This also contributes to the principal flaw of a total software alternative for this panel: rapid changes and interactions stop to be quick since they take the user from context.


From the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, with no undue modesty, place the ideal. The display is a Pantone-certified 4K matrix, appropriate for professional images work without further settings, like in our sample. Optional – 300 Hz FullHD panel, even in case pulls to control online shooters.

With colour rendition, naturally, what’s perfect: its own parameters were calibrated in the factory – shoot it and use it. You don’t get tired after several hours of vigil in any given brightness.

It utilizes several speakers of various sizes simultaneously, each of which can be adapted to output a particular frequency band. Additionally, they are situated between both displays, utilizing the distance below the mini-monitor as an added resonator. It’s useless to explain – you need to listen. Films, games, music – whatever seems fantastic.

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Wonderful attention to detail

It is difficult to say for certain about the keyboard whether it’s great or not. On the 1 hand, the mechanism has been set up the very best available. Very sturdy structure, exact key travelling, what’s pressed with a very transparent work. The design was correct; the positioning of these buttons is suitable. You will find non-standard options – for instance, PrtScr was transferred to the ideal Ctrl. However, this is even better: at the sport, it’s more suitable to catch as soon as that you prefer quickly.

Some users will complain about the positioning of their power key in the primary unit, but particularly for them, it shines red, no matter the circumstance. To click on it, you have to be entirely inattentive. We also left gambling attributes. For instance, from the Armory Crate program, you may temporarily disable Win and Fn not accidentally to disrupt the gambling session.

The touchpad has straight migrated in the elderly two-screen Zenbook: if required, it pretends to be a block for inputting numbers, the remainder of the time that it controls the cursor. It recognizes gestures onto a C, perhaps not quite well perceives accelerations – in general, it required for the show. It will not utilize in matches, and in Windows 10 it disturbs me with how in which the mouse pointer moves. It’d be better to bring a touch coating to the primary display.

The solution is actually easy. After all, very low voltage is no more able to supply a sufficiently quick and reliable switching of transistors out of 1 nation to another.


The last operation of this RTX 2080 Super Max-Q is marginally higher than the customary desktop computer or cellular RTX 2070 using 35-40percent less electricity consumption and heat dissipation. Obviously, not free of charge, as it’s costly to generate a chip at the most configuration with no rejection margin.

With iron, what is more, or less apparent. The very best gaming chip at the time of the invention of the notebook, the most effective portable NVIDIA, therefore that fps doesn’t sag, strong to equal amounts of RAM along with superfast storage. In concept, games ought to fly if all this grandeur doesn’t break against the chance of this cooling system, which has been put within an event. And the fun starts.

The same, incidentally, employed in most ROG versions on the 10th generation Intel Core. Compare the metrics along with your gambling desktop, then send it to the garbage pile.

And today – a minute of comedy. Should you take it off the fee, the meter melts before the eyes you can release the notebook to zero in one hour, or less. But not all so straightforward. Activate the utility using the notebook settings and change the images to power-saving mode. In this manner, the PCMark 10 standard, which simulates a workplace load, runs onto a notebook for at least 5 hours without recharging. After the display brightness is large. Under load, it had discharged in under 30 minutes.

Ergonomics and other small things

A notebook with this particular design is not likely to turn into your very best buddy on the street. Its compactness and comparatively low weight could quickly break on the awkward position of the palms in a mobile environment. Ports and connectors have changed forward on account of the peculiarity of this design. Moreover, there aren’t so many of these as in notebooks of classic types.

It is effortless and agreeable to carry it with you personally. Working at the desk is very comfy. A 4K screen created chiefly for information management.

The layout is a lot nearer to this ProArt series compared to gambling ROG. However, the contrast confuses even experienced observers: How can you evaluate such a strategy?

It manages maximum loads perfectly, sounds amazing, contrasts with all the picture quality and innovative capabilities of this next screen. At precisely the same time, I’d prefer a broader study of this software and the signature layer for the primary display. As long as Windows doesn’t know how to divide the contexts of signature and traditional screen-by-screen controller, the subsequent solution seems perfect: to provide the display of two different modes of operation.

Let us say one – like another screen (as today ), and the next – to the built-in applications to work with data and all kinds of switches plotted in the machine at the hardware level. Then the consumer will have the ability to use the screen because it suits him and in precisely the same time interacts with Armory Crate on the fly, without decreasing matches and control issues. Obviously, this necessitates an extra microcontroller, in addition to the expenses of creating the firmware… However, if the cost of the system exceeds 300 million rubles, that will observe the additional 30 bucks?

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Outcome

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 was able to make a really thin, strong, and well-cooled notebook that could manage all matches, is acceptable for images, sounds fantastic, and can even run on battery more than it takes to get a brief dash from the kitchen to the bedroom. It remains only to do a wonder – to create this type of technology accessible not just for mortgages. The simple variant with i7, RTX 2070 at Max-Q layout, and complete HD-matrix of 300-hertz outlay, like most other flagship notebooks for players, a bit less than 250 million rubles.

At precisely the same time, nobody will remove the magical cooling system using a set of monitors. And should you require maximum chances, and mostly for work, there’s also this alternative, but roughly 75 million more costly.

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