Acer Nitro 5 review: gaming traditions in a new version.


For games and Much More

The novelty provides out adequate functionality both in games and in technical work utilities, and of course regular home use. Regardless of the large 15.6-inch screen, the notebook doesn’t appear bulky – it’s influenced by the average thickness of this situation and little display bezels. DDR4-3200 kind RAM introduced in a variety of 16 GB and works in dual-channel style. The CPU installed at the notebook is noteworthy for the existence of physical cores, which, as a result of the aid of SMT (Simultaneous MultiThreading) technologies, procedure up to 16 data flows.

Fresh versions of Ryzen 4000 Mobile correspond to the background 3000 series processors; in other words, they belong to the Zen two structure and are manufactured utilizing a 7nm process technologies. The frequencies of this 4800H modification, based upon the load and temperature, change from 2.9 to 4.3 GHz. Additionally, the Ryzen 7 4800H has an integrated Radeon Vega 7 processor, which triggers in undemanding activities to conserve electricity. In terms of the different graphics card, it well known to players.

Game style

Now’s gaming laptops seem a whole lot more controlled than the versions of the past. But in the shapes of this new creation of Acer Nitro 5, gambling specialization unmistakably imagined. The notebook isn’t capable of boasting superior substances. However, there are not any complaints regarding the plastic where the situation is created – that the surface has a nice texture and resists stains and fingerprints well. When pushed hard, the lid and keyboard place bend slightly, but it does not feel flimsy or undependable.

The notebook can start with one hand without even holding the foundation. The opening angle is more comfy – it is not 180 degrees, but it’s simple to recline on the couch.

What is with the periphery

Exactly how are gambling laptops distinct from the rest? The simple fact it is nearly always essential to connect many peripherals to them. Thus, a sufficient number of connectors and ports for solutions of the course isn’t a whim, but a brutal requirement.

The Acer Nitro 5 provides three regular USB Type-A, worldwide USB Type-C, full-size HDMI 2.0 video output signal, combo sound jack and, needless to say, a system interface for the wired network. Incidentally, USB Type-C and among USB Type-A support electricity supply for charging when the notebook switched off. It, using a pre-installed utility, permits you to personalize traffic prioritization, providing games along with other significant activities an advantage over other procedures. But customers that are fond of video and photo shooting might need to receive an external apparatus for reading memory card since there’s absolutely not any built-in card reader within this model.

What is inside the case

Acer Nitro 5, as befits a gambling version, supplies for the update of some elements and gives simple access to its inner components. An easy Phillips screwdriver is sufficient to take out the cover. You merely need to tinker with the latches about its perimeter – a plastic selection or a bank card may come in handy. Eliminating the bottom cover shows the layout of the cooling system, which contains two non-lovers, horizontal heat pipes along with a set of radiators.


Great display and Adequate audio Of the openings, we single out just a comparatively low brightness. On the flip side, it’s adequate for indoor usage, and these notebooks are seldom used for outside work.

The remaining part of the screen leaves a very positive impression. It pleases with great viewing angles and high-quality backlighting, devoid of drops and highlights in the borders.

The principal quality of the matrix would be that the support of this 144 Hz sweep frequency. Lovers of online shooters particularly appreciate it. For the remaining players, the higher hertzovka provides a sharper picture in motion-saturated scenes.

Two speakers are responsible for the noise, brought out into the lower portion of this circumstance. A fantastic design solution will set the socket openings on bevelled regions which raised above the surface where the notebook stands. This prevents sound from becoming muted, even when the unit puts on something soft such as a pillow or blanket. The noise doesn’t stand out with unique bells and whistles. However, it’s fairly clear and has some thickness. When cans aren’t available, the built-in speakers manage games and movies.

Computer keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is among those components of this Acer Nitro 5 which sets it apart from other versions. The red accent at the plan of these keys instantly grabs the eye, which becomes much more noticeable once the backlight switched on. However, there’s, but 1 colour in the evaluation replicate, although a few more expensive versions are outfitted with complete RGB lighting. Other unusual features include another button for launching the NitroSense program. The utility permits you to configure different parameters, such as fan speed, also, to track the temperature of the chip and discrete graphics card.


The layout and location of these buttons are normal for laptops of the form element. On the other hand, the vital mechanism itself proven to be not quite successful in training. For surgery, you have to get obviously in the middle of this button. It’s not always feasible to do this first time, even when you immediately form text or take part in a lively multiplayer hack. The problem is evidenced by the fact that the click audio and visual response exist anyhow.

Obviously, you become used to this attribute in a couple of days, and you will find fewer false clicks. However, this computer behaviour is annoying in the beginning.

However, there aren’t any complaints regarding the touchpad. It plays the job clearly and stably, properly handling clicks, touches and regular Windows gestures. But also, it lacks a few striking features, but for the red outline around the outside of the signature pad.

Evaluation Effects

Actually, if the Acer Nitro 5 doesn’t belong to top-end alternatives and isn’t armed with the most innovative components, it’s shown itself worthy equally in artificial benchmarks and AAA releases. Oftentimes, even in ultra settings, images can hack to death with relaxation. And if you marginally lower the graphics parameters, then it isn’t hard to accomplish the benchmark 60+ fps in Total HD resolution. The evaluation results of this new Ryzen 7 4800H chip will also be impressive. We could confidently state that the contest has returned not just to the desktop section.

Along with great performance, the novelty has shown very mild operating temperatures. In the time of reduced load, the chip doesn’t heat over 36-37 levels. At precisely the same time, the lovers of this cooling system don’t spin quicker than 1500 rpm – what’s perceived as a little background hum, which is distinguishable only in total silence. When the temperature drops to 35 ℃ and under, then the CO switches into a completely passive manner of performance with zero sound levels. However, the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti didn’t heat over 62-63 ℃.

These are fantastic numbers for a gaming notebook. We ought to pay tribute to both the engineers in AMD and NVIDIA, in addition to the designers of this Nitro 5 heating system. Apparently, it would help if you didn’t depend on any substantial battery life when starting matches. And in our regular Total HD video playback evaluation, the battery continued 5.5 hours. In cases like this, the brightness stayed at half a degree, and also the network ports handicapped.


The outcome, The founders of this novelty, depended upon a successful mixture of modern elements and costs. Hence, the notebook offers adequate performance both in matches and specialist jobs. As a wonderful bonus, a matrix that is nimble and excellent chances for further updating the notebook are included.

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