Acer Aspire 7 review: the right all-rounder.

Acer Aspire 7 review

Deciding on a versatile and affordable notebook isn’t simple. However, this is precisely the standing that Acer’s Aspire 7 asserts. The notebook, as stated by the producer, proven to be very nimble and autonomous. And the cost doesn’t bite up to in match versions. Is your novelty actually balanced? We’ll let you know at the Acer aspire 7 review.

Acer Aspire 7 review

The Aspire show gear towards regular home use. It features a lot of notebooks: from entry-level apparatus to complex ones, which come near gaming laptops. Its models outfitted with powerful processors and graphics processors at the entrance and middle gambling section. At the same time, the price of these devices is comparatively low, because there aren’t any style chips and superior materials.

Whatever you’ll need, nothing more

The new Aspire 7s have strong hardware, but not as strong as the top-end gambling alternatives. This, based upon the alteration, maybe mid-range chips from AMD or Intel, functioning in combination with discrete graphics accelerators. On the flip side, the seller didn’t dismiss the tendencies either: sharp corners and borders replaced the compact body contours. Hence, new things seem more contemporary than their predecessors.

The processor selected for this setup is currently popular – frequently located in Ultrabooks. For larger versions, such as the Aspire 7, there’s an alternative with an improved thermal bundle, which permits working at higher frequencies.


In comparison to design and gaming notebooks, the Aspire 7 seems understated. But it’s nice to the touch. There are not any complaints about the build quality: the gadget is nicely made, without cluttered openings or backlash of components. But if you don’t take part in these evaluations on goal, then there’ll not be any concerns about reliability.

Even more, standing versions often can’t boast of this characteristic. Additionally, the hinge design allows the notebook to start as much as a complete 180 degrees. This is helpful in various scenarios.

Ports and connectors

Together with all the I / O ports, the Acer Aspire 7 is so because the engineers favoured the traditional instance arrangement, instead of pursuing convolution. The one thing missing is that a card reader – it’d be helpful for people who work a lot with videos and photos. Wireless interfaces symbolized using a Wi-Fi adapter along with a Bluetooth 4.2 module.

What’s inside?

Another benefit of this timeless format is simple accessibility to hardware. To remove the cover, it’s sufficient to unscrew a couple of screws using a routine Phillips head. So it’s simple to add or alter RAM. Just 1 slot is occupied from the evaluation modification, the route for more update is clear. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no extra slot for the SSD-drive. Thus, simply adding another disc won’t work – you’ll need to modify the whole one, followed closely by reinstalling the machine.

Watch films and listen to songs.

On the flip side, the features are adequate for comfortable operation of this apparatus, whether it be pictures, games or picture processing for an amateur degree.

Even though the native display has a great image even in glowing rooms, the colour gamut wasn’t great – just 63 per cent of that SRGB. Additionally, there are nuances with backlighting: that the matrix doesn’t create record functionality, offering just a superb matte anti-glare.

With this kind of sound capacities, the novelty deals well with both movies and games, and audio playback.

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Keyboard and touchpad

The Acer Aspire 7 obtained an island computer keyboard at a low-profile layout, which is recognizable to notebooks. The journey of the keys is expectedly little. However, the presses have been felt obviously, which can be useful both when studying texts and in matches. There are not any complaints about the dimensions of these buttons, in addition to the space between them. With touch scanning, you will find almost no wrong sentences or clicks. Confuses just 1 minute: the arrow keys created little. There’s also a digital cube, which considerably increases the relaxation of work in certain scenarios.

It can’t be stated that it’s created in a high level: the shine of the LEDs is observable not only on the logos but also breaks throughout the shape of these keys. Additionally, there are concerns about uniformity – a few buttons at the evaluation sample were more educated than others. You can’t adjust brightness or colour – you can enable or disable it. However, regardless of the downsides, the backlight deals with its activity: from the dark, it’s a lot more suitable to print with this.

He received a good layout, without highlighting the right and left buttons. This is a regular touchpad with good sensitivity – it’s sufficient to surf the internet or use the port in everyday situations. A mouse is better to play games also work with different professional programs. Additionally, a wise and precise fingerprint scanner built to the signature pad, making it feasible to perform without entering a password.


Formally, Aspire 7 isn’t a gaming apparatus. However, a good chip and a different GTX 1650 graphics card sign that the notebook isn’t just acceptable for work and study. If we speak about the evaluation sample, worries were caused exclusively by one 8 GB memory strip, working in single-channel mode. We analyzed the notebook in matches and many popular benchmarks to estimate the model’s possible and compare with other options.

Games were analyzed in Complete HD – the native resolution to get a notebook. Originally, all releases started with maximum images presets. In this manner, the operation turned out to be disappointing; another test completed on medium settings.

The results proved to be anticipated: the apparatus, which obtained a 4 GB entry-class video card along with 8 GB of RAM, doesn’t deal well with the launching of contemporary AAA strikes at the maximum rate. In certain blockbusters, functionality is really low. In other releases, such as the Resident Evil 3 movie, with a fantastic average fps, drawdowns up to 1-2 frames per second happen. Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the greatest presets, the film didn’t begin, suggesting a lack of memory. At precisely the same time, online activity films and games of previous years are running on the hardware, and together with the images sliders turned all the way down.

Battery and temperature

The heating system made up of a set of non-invasive radiators, three horizontal aluminium heat pipes and 2 lovers. This layout deals with its task flawlessly. The chip temperature stores at 39-40 ºC. And even with such amounts, the springs stay comparatively silent.

An outside 135 W adapter supplied for charging and functioning from the system. It provides not a listing. However, a decent charging rate: in half an hour, the battery replenishes electricity by 32 per cent.

Acer Aspire 7 review


The Acer Aspire 7 proves to be a balanced version. The notebook is really flexible: the available capacities are adequate for a vast selection of tasks, such as games and demanding programs. The only significant drawback is that the small quantity of RAM functioning in a single-channel manner. However, the issue readily solved: you can later purchase another memory strip. The novelty also offers other benefits: for instance, good build quality, powerful cooling system and adequate sounding of the built-in speakers.

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